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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Places to Watch NHL Hockey Games Online in 2012

It's been a few years since we put together our 10 Places To Watch NHL Hockey Games Online list, so it makes sense that we do an update. Despite the fact that this blog isn't updated vanymore, the original post is still quite popular. However, a lot of the sites listed there have been shut down, so we thought we'd list  some new options:

We'll deal with the 100% legal services first. These options may work for you depending on where you live:

  • NHL GameCenter Live - This is available online as well as on various devices (iPad, Xbox 360, etc.) for a monthly or yearly fee.
  • CBC Sports shows live NHL hockey in Canada from their Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts.
  • Leafs TV on Rogers on Demand - If you're a Rogers customer and you subscribe to Leafs TV, you can watch Leafs games anywhere.
And now onto the rest...

As always, note that the methods discussed below may not be legal in your area. It is your responsibility to conduct your own research to determine if using a service is legal in your situation. does not endorse or condone any illegal activities and strongly suggests that you only utilize legal means to watch NHL hockey online. Providing this list does not suggest or encourage you to violate the copyright or broadcasting laws of your region.

Depending on where you live, these sources may be illegal for you to watch. In some regions it is against the law to broadcast hockey online while it others just watching the games could be a problem. All of the sources listed here are not authorized by the NHL or any of its teams or partners.

How To Watch NHL Hockey Games Online

Here are a few sites that stream NHL hockey online:
If you know of any other sites, add them in the comments!


Puck Streams said...


This is a real site. You do not need to download anything or take any surveys! It's free to! One of the few legit sites!

Price per Head said...

I like your website and revisit your blog. I invite you to visit

Theo Matthews said...

Try for hockey games. It carries all the streams of the other sites.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Streams is offering a playoff package for 2014, but you have to buy it by Friday April 18th, so hurry up! It's $32.99 to watch all the NHL, AHL, and several other leagues online, live, and also after the games if you missed them. I travel for work a lot and so I don't have cable--just doesn't make sense for me. It's really frustrating that the NHL doesn't endorse a good online option that you could subscribe to. NHL GameCenter Live is okay, but it includes blackouts for games being broadcast on TV in your zipcode, which pretty much defeats the purpose of using it in many instances. Also, GameCenter does not include any playoff games. I tested out Hockey Streams today and it seemed really good, but I'll post an update once I try it out for a few of the playoff games.

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