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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Best Resources for NHL Hockey Statistics and Information

The Internet is filled with NHL hockey news, rumours, information, commentary and opinions. That's great most of the time, but sometimes you just want the cold, hard facts. You want stats. You want the numbers. You want this historical records. You want box scores.

Today we've compiled a list of the best places to go for NHL hockey statistics and information.

I use this site almost every day. It has historical records for every NHL team (and WHA team, when applicable) dating back to the 1917-18 season. In addition to the standings from each season, it has team rosters, player statistics, and game results for every team in every year. The site also has a Leaders and Records index, a list of NHL award winners, and draft information. It also has a player and coach database that looks like it's just being built and is therefore incomplete. is definitely the place to start when doing any hockey research. - The Internet Hockey Database
This site is a little more difficult to use, but it has a great search tool that helps you find what you need. It doesn't just have information on NHL teams and players, but multiple records on junior and college teams as well. It also has a very robust Record Book section that covers major, minor and defunct leagues from around the world. There is also a trading card database that will give you very detailed information on hockey cards from many manufacturers. is great for searching for information and its searchable database is definitely its biggest strong point.

Behind the Net
It doesn't get much more in depth than this. This site has more stats that you could imagine. It breaks down penalties, plus/minus, special teams performance, blocked shots, goaltender statistics and more into spreadsheets you can sort. It also maintains ratings lists based on an assortment of statistics. There is also in-depth, stats-based analysis on a number of topics. Due to the absolute wealth of information on the site, it takes a little getting used to before you figure out exactly what each stat means. However, once you've taken some time to look around and read, the site becomes invaluable.

Honourable Mentions:
The Hockey Cube

This site has graphics of every NHL jersey since the foundation of the NHL. The site is grouped by decade and then season. Each season has its own page. The decade pages also give you some historical context into the NHL at that time and, in later decades, provide you with information on jersey patches and manufacturers. Almost all jerseys on the site are drawn by the webmaster, which not only shows great dedication, but also ensures their are quality images of each jersey.

While it has recently added more jersey concepts and discussion to its site, Icethetics remains the place to look for information on new and unreleased jerseys. The site mainly covers NHL jerseys, but also takes a look at the minor leagues. If a team is planning on releasing a new logo or jersey, Icethetics will know. This is a great place to look for third jerseys when they are released.

Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page
This site doesn't cover just the NHL or just hockey, but many sports. It's broken down by league and then by team. displays high quality logos for every team, including defunct teams and leagues. In addition to current logos, it has historical logos, secondary logos and logos and patches for special events. It's a great site for researching the history of a team's logo and a great reference for modern logos.


Anonymous said...

Fuck the Penguins, GO DETROIT REDWINGS!!!!

Josh Doyle said...

Thanks for the references. Do you know where we can find hit counts for a particular game? All the box scores I can find seem to be missing this information.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for player's numbers, as worn in junior and minor leaugue play. Any suggestions??? Thanks ;)

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