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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Evgeni Malkin Speaks on Crosby, Detroit and Marriage

Yahoo's Puck Daddy has posted another translated Russian interview, this time with Evgeni Malkin. While not as explosive as the interview with Alexander Semin, there's still some interesting stuff here.

The line that everyone is paying attention to is:

Sidney Crosby is following right behind you. Why is this player hated by a lot of fans?

"Maybe because of his behavior? But I think that Crosby is the best player. And those who are in the spotlight are always not liked."

I don't think this is Malkin taking a shot at Crosby. This is Malkin taking a shot at fans who dislike Crosby because he's marketed as the face of the league and he acts that way. Sidney Crosby knows he needs to act a certain way off of the ice in order to make the league look good. Semin called this "dead wood." Yes, Crosby may be "boring" but he's being responsible.

Another interesting comment from Malkin came when he was asked if he's learned how to use his strength properly to last through a whole season.

"It comes with experience. Gonchar explained a lot of things to me. It is extremely important to lay a good foundation during summer workouts, and not hanging out in night clubs," said Malkin.

Is that why Malkin looked tired at the end of the last two seasons? Too much clubbing? It's good that Malkin realised that he needs to build up his strength and it looks like he did something about that.

Malkin is also moving into his own house (this housewarming party is this Friday) with his girlfriend. He said that he wants to get married in five years.

In regards to other NHL teams Malkin said the "bitter rivalry between Pittsburgh and Detroit is fueled by journalists" and that the "Islanders are the most difficult [team to play against.] Although not long ago we routed that team 9-2. But this was an exception from the rules. Usually we play such a difficult and stretchy game with them. "

And how about hating Philly? Malkin said that the Flyers are "a strong and an unpredictable team. Life is never easy with the Flyers."

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