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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pens/Jokerit Photos and DEAD BLOG

My feed is dead, so no more live blogging for me....

Sid gives an interview after the 1st period. The announcers called him "The Next One"
Score after one: Pens Two, Jokerit Zero

Fedetenko SCORES! On a sweet pass from Sid.


It's first intermission.

Good period from the Pens. I think I only saw Fleury have to make one save, but it was a good one. Malkin looks good on the point. His shot is awesome.

Sid playing with Feds and Satan seems to be working well. There needs to be a few more ads on the ice, and several more ads on the Jokerit players.

Second starting and Blogger is giving me hassles.

Pens in control.
Fleury makes a couple decent saves.
Some good end-to-end action there. My feed is giving me problems now too. Damn this cheap laptop.

Faceoff in the Pens zone. Pens clear it.

Godard is playing with Taffe, but I can't tell who the third on their line is. EDIT: Must be Bissonette.

Finnish commericals rule.

Dupuis, Kennedy and Cooke are on the same line. I like it.

Staal, Malkin, Sykora - as expected. Nice shift for them.

Fleury is playing well, despite seeing limited shots. He controlled the rebound well there.

Fleury seeing more action now.

Crosby gets a tripping penalty.

Jokerit PP.

It sounds like some people tried to start a "LETS GO PENGUINS" chant, but failed.

Not much pressure on the Jokerit PP.

Feds gets the puck out and Sid's penalty is over.

"LETS GO PENGUINS" again, seems to be dueling with whatever chant Jokerit have ("Lets go [something.]")

Hal Gill looks absolutely huge.

Save by Fleury.

Dany Sabourin in goal for the Pens now.

I stand corrected, na-na-na Pesonen is in with Staal and Malkin, not Sykora.

- Kennedy stopped on a breakaway.

- The spacing on this post sucks... I'm not sure what's going on.

- Save by Sabs.

  • Maybe a list is a better way to do this. Sick move by Feds.
  • Sid/Feds/Satan = Money, I hope this line stays
  • the streamer starts messing around with the settings on his TV and I fear that he may change the channel to another game at some point
  • Pressure by the Taffe line now
  • Pens powerplay
  • I may have to step out for a moment
  • Letang to Malkin who just HAMMERS it from the point - I like him there
  • Jokes get it and rush back, save by Sabs
  • BRB,
  • Back now, VLC has crashed in my absence
  • and the feed now appears to be dead
  • Sorry everyone, I can't get the feed to start up again...
Game over. 4-1 Pens. I missed half of the second and all of the third as the feed went down.
Goals from Malkin, Fedetenko, Kennedy and Dupuis (EN)
Jokerit goal on Sabourin on a penalty shot.
Sure, it wasn't against an NHL team, but the Pens looked good out there.


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