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Friday, October 31, 2008

Coyotes 4 - Penguins 1, Crosby leaves game with injury

Well, I said the score would be 4-1, but I chose the wrong team as the winner.

It was a better game for the Pens, but something is still off.  Malkin was a beast but he couldn't finish and Sykora and Staal couldn't buy goals right now.  Goligoski had a pretty bad game but that is to be expected from a young guy who was thrust into a huge role with Gonchar and Whitney out.

The biggest news is that Crosby left the game and did not return.  Nothing has been said yet but he took a stick to the hip and left the ice in pain.  Hopefully it's nothing serious and he just left the game as a precaution.

Satan scored on Devil's Night.  It looked mostly like a lucky bounce though.  I'm not sure what he did that earned him a 10 minute misconduct, but I think it was probably arguing with the referee too much.

The FSN Pittsburgh announcers confused and annoyed me like crazy with their constant switching between "ky-oates" and "ky-o-tees."  How do you pronounce "Coyotes?"  
I've always said "ky-o-tees."

Fleury played as well as he had to and Letang had a very good game.  I'm still not a fan of Hal Gill.

In other news, NHL Game Centre was a total dud tonight.  The free preview probably caused a lot of extra traffic to the site and, because of that, it was down when I tried it.  I managed to get the game audio once, but I never got the video to work.  It's too bad, because it looks like a good service.  Not one I'm willing to pay $30/month for though.  You'd assume that the free preview was set up in order to impress people enough with the service that they would buy it.  However, I couldn't even watch the game I wanted.  Yes, it was due to high traffic but they should have been ready for that.  It didn't impress me and I doubt it earned the NHL very many new subscribers tonight.  I wish Game Centre and NHL Centre Ice weren't so ridiculously expensive, but I'd love to get one of them.

All in all, it was a decently entertaining game and the second period was quite fast paced and exciting.  The Pens had 2 shots in the first but then exploded in the second.  Evgeni Malkin had 9 shots in the second setting a Pittsburgh Penguins record for most shots in one period.  Mario Lemieux previously held that record with 7 shots.

The next Penguins game is Saturday night in St. Louis.  Hopefully Sidney Crosby will be there.

Let's Go Pens!

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